Home Stain Removal

Home Stain Removal Remedies

Please Note: All at your own risk. Set out below are some remedies for household stains. Read the instructions carefully, remember that we cannot guarantee any results or consequences of your actions. If in doubt, call us out!

First Aid Stain Treatment

Accidents will happen. If something gets spilled on to your carpet, take prompt action to prevent staining. You will need some clean white absorbent cloth or tissue and four basic solutions:

Dry Cleaning Solvent.

Detergent solution – one teaspoon of gentle detergent for washing woollens to half a pint (0.75 litres) of warm water.

Detergent and vinegar solution – add one teaspoonful of white (not malt) vinegar to the detergent solution.

Ammonia Solution

one teaspoonful of branded household ammonia (available from hardware stores) to one cup of warm water. How To Remove Different Types Of Stains:

  • Alcohol, coffee, tea, liquid foods, urine Blot up surplus spillage. Use detergent/vinegar solution. Work from the outer edge of the stain, using a little at a time, blotting up with dry cloths frequently.
  • Chocolate, sweets, blood, glue, egg, ice-cream, milk, soft drinks and vomit. Scrape up excess with a blunt knife. Use a detergent solution starting at the outer edge. Blot dry. Follow up with ammonia solution. Blot dry.
  • Solids, fats, tar, chewing gum, oil, ointment and shoe polish. Scrape up excess with blunt knife. Use a dry cleaning solution followed by detergent and vinegar. Blot dry.
  • Unknown stains. Scrape up or blot surplus spillage. Use a dry cleaning solvent followed by clean warm water. Blot dry. If further treatment is needed, use either detergent or detergent and vinegar solution. Blot dry.

Remember, Act Quickly!

  • Scrape up solids, blot up liquids (take plenty of time – it is worth the effort)
  • Mix the solution accurately
  • Test it on an out of the way piece of carpet
  • Always work from the outer edge of the stain to the centre
  • Never over-wet
  • Dab rather than scrub or rub hard

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